Numbers and “bounce boxes”

Prepping bounce boxes

The numbers seem logical

Wait till you see it..

How do you prepare food boxes for places without resupply opportunities, for three intrepid trampers, weeks ahead of time, having not much idea of how long the walking will take, what the weather will be like, how much energy we’ll need, what condition we’ll be in,  how long the boxes will take to get there, how much weight each will be able to and will have to carry???


for the statistician

who looks for the numbers

skips the details

and gets to work:

4 (boxes) x 3 (people),

1 week there will be 4,

altogether 124 days, calculated,

of breakfast, lunch and dinner

not to forget energy-dense snacks

for inbetween,

and drinks,

for refuelling




and warming

the body, mind and soul


you go


what THAT looks like

in a shopping trolley

Counting down….

A day of many weighty endings

Dropping off the end of each hour

as the clock moves along

to the next thing


from winding down

to growing anticipation

to counting down

to checking Sarah’s arrival time

to tossing the last papers in the big blue bin

by the photocopier

to stealing a glance at Lake Constance online

holding promise of beauty and thrill

to bidding adieu to my neighbour-colleague-friend whose steps are

braver than mine

to the end of the last workday

for seven and a half months of