Great Mother

In the cauldron
of 2020
under stress
from remnants of grief,
from all things covid,
uncertain, changeable,
cut off at the knees
from everything familiar

under stress
from looming environmental disaster,
from exposed predators in toxic

under stress
from called out white
privileged power
and fragility,
and from stowaway bedbugs,
AND a litter of cute baby
mice suddenly
running “amuck”
in my house (to top
this little
package off)…

under the weight
of this….
blow after
ongoing shake-up,
the dragon of old trauma
revealed by vapours
emerging from the deep..
volcanic bubbles of
even an occasional
geyser of rage
spouting into the daylight,
bursting through
the care-fully,
tightly, woven cloak
of compassion and kindness,

this serpent of secrets
no longer invisible and hidden
in the depths and privacy
of the mind
no longer only known
in embarrassment
shame and

It’s in this great mix
of life at this time,
that the Great Mother
arrives at my door
announces herself

a persistent presence,
demanding attention,
inviting me
to extend
a wholehearted, full
and warm welcome
to her love, care and kindness,
her creativity and passion,

to extend
the same
wholehearted, full
and warm welcome
to the power
of her devouring
and serpentine sharpness,
fiery fury
her seductive and
destructive powers

showing me,
urging me
to beckon it all in,
becoming one seen,
respected and
integrated whole,

bit by bit
an unstoppable
creative force
for good


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