Walking Slaty to Old Man Hut

Amongst the mists

rolling in and away again,

Over the crests of the hills

We walk

The higher we go the more

Spectacular the views become

Layers of clouds

Chased by high winds

Going in opposite


Fierce winds force

Donning different gear

To stay warm and protected

Expansive views

Multiple valleys in all directions

Sunshine and shadows

Chase each other

Ridges with rocks,

slate, scree or softness


Proud and solitary

Mountain daisies

Defy the elements

The scale of things

Is beyond fathoming

Trying to capture the images

In my tiny camera

Shows a lone human figure

As a small dot

In a small section

Of the vast landscape


Brief encounters with three walkers

Travelling north

The ups and downs of the “undulating” trail

seem never ending

Even on a small scale

Finally the sign

Points to the steep descent

To Old Man Hut

Another long “steep descent” to a hut

Tiredness beginning to show

After another eight hour day

A small slip and plop onto a stone

Snaps another pole in two

Then the beaming smile of another trail angel, Gabriel,

Concerned about the fate

Of the two older TA walkers

Comes to meet us

Carries one pack down

For the last ten minutes

To the hut

A warm welcome and reunion

With these lovely people

Their washing on the line

Soon joined by ours

Wild goats in an adjacent paddock

Mt Rintoul towers over us

Beckoning in the distance

That will be our path


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