Facing change (Day 13)

Struggling to face change
In pace, in plans
In dream of completing
In not being present
To the here and now
Of this pilgrimage
Trying to find a way
To move through this
First world
Struggle of mine
In the midst of
My mate’s  pain
As the main concern
For us all

Finally finding peace
In nature’s demand
To watch every step
Amongst the gnarled
Ever present tree roots
And rocks
That are the path

Finding joy
In nature’s plentiful
Showing up at every step
The pair of wood pigeons
Just sitting overhead
The friendly robin
Looking at us
With its little beady eyes
Playing hide and seek
Amongst the logs
The tiny tomtit
Showing itself
Black and white and flighty
In all its glory

Finding it in myself
Once again
To be open and present
For all of us

Realising the pilgrimage

Realising my banner
If I sported one
Would say
I’m walking
For freedom
Of mind

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