Rain and Motueka river (Day 25)

With nerves on edge once more
At the threatening sky
And knowing there are two more
Rivers to cross
We set off
To Hunters’ Hut.

The clouds
Soon start dropping their load
And shield
No doubt magnificent views
from our eyes.
It’s cold and wet
And we need to keep moving
That’s how it is
When tramping
In New Zealand

The skies clear
The first stream crossing
A pleasantly

When finally faced
With the Motueka,
The hut visible
On the other side,
The truth of the situation
Needs no discussion
Or debate:
This raging
Dark brown
Is impassible.
So we trudge back
Up the hill.
With our kiwi’s ingenuity
Set up a bivvy and camp spot
Between downpours
And have a very cosy
But warm and dry
Top-and-tailing night
In her one-person tent
– too wet to set up two –
Keeping our
Fingers crossed
The rain will stop
And the river will return
To its usual
Passable self
By tomorrow.

Wishes granted
The Motueka
Is successfully
The next morning

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