Reconnecting with Sarah (Day 26)

No cell reception
For ten days
But hoping
The TA
Bush telegraph
Is working
And faster travellers
Will herald
Our imminent

Quietly wondering
Whether we may
Be greeted by
A smiling face
At Red Hills Hut
But no..

So up the hill
I trudge
In search of
Cell reception
In the hut book
“Just behind
The water tank”
All in vain
Seems to be
The TA joke
Of the day

Only to be met
On my return
By Sarah’s
Very relieved
(Bush telegraph
Had done its job)
And smiling face
With backpack full of food,
Including chips!

An hour of
The salty crunchies and
Catching up
On mutual
And wellbeing

Then we’re on our way
To civilisation
Where rest
Real beds
And some
TA friends
Await us

Great to
Be three again

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