Forced rest in Upper Travers (Day 32)

Finally opportunity to share some more of my experiences of the last few weeks. In Tekapo for a day of R & R and another one to plan and prepare for our next section, continuing from Tekapo. Will continue this writing from  where I left my last post.


Zero day in Upper Travers Hut

What to do on a forced zero day
When low clouds and rain block the views
Of all but the nearest trees and rocks
In a backcountry hut
With eight fellow trampers
When it’s not worth it
And even dangerous
To attempt going over
One of the highlight saddles
Of the trip?

First turn over and go back to sleep
To bask in the luxury
Of not setting out
At 7.30 or earlier

Chatting, making connections
Allowing future legs of the journey
To be safer, more fun,
interesting company
Allowing future crossing of paths
To feel like meeting
Long lost friends

Discussing the state
Of education across countries
Sharing scary stories
Of trampers’ accidents,
Relief of having
Survived them
And fear of
When they were not

Revelling or otherwise
In others’ gear, food,
Pack weight
Knowledge of nature
And local features
Distances traveled

Playing card games
And knocking
The president
Off his

Sitting out on the verandah
Soaking up
The power of everything
Around you
Hoping it will
Help with the journey

2 thoughts on “Forced rest in Upper Travers (Day 32)

    1. Thanks Helen. Nice to hear you’re enjoying the posts. Hope all is well at the coal face! We’re starting to think about how to make the most of our remaining time, as it doesn’t look like we will be able to do every section from here (Tekapo) to Bluff now. You take care too.


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