Nelson Lakes – Waiau Pass

(Day 34)

Five set off for the next challenge
Lake Constance and
Crossing Waiau Pass

Views of Blue Lake and
Lake Constance
from so many angles
More beautiful
As we go

Descent after Constance
A taste of what’s to come
Sets some nerves
On edge

Staying with
Drinking in
Marvelling at the
Breathtaking beauty
And scale of the landscape
Around us
Has to be
The order of the day.

Near the top
Mossy growth
With minute
Starlike flowers
In striking contrast
To size and majesty
Of mountains all around

The steep and loose
Scree slope to the pass
The wind
Catches our breath
At the top

Well deserved
Photos taken
The descent is commenced
Down the other side

In hindsight
All experiences so far
The Waiau Pass
Was not too bad.
The way down
Was steep,
Very scary at times,
When swinging around
A rock
With my backpack on,
And five hours long
Before hitting
Upon the camping spot
Amongst the trees
At Waiau Forks
JUST before dark

An 11 hour journey
Some of the most
Spectacular landscape
I have ever seen.

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