The futile attempts to keep feet and boots dry

You’ll have wet boots, for days
While tramping TA
They say
Can’t be avoided
You may as well get used to it
They say
It’s unsafe to rock hop
More risk of falling
And injuring or getting swept away
They say

Doing the river safety course
Before setting out
I get it.

Getting a sore toe
After trudging through
Swampy pools
My perspective

I do try to keep boots
And feet dry from here on
Carefully dry out and wash
Boots, inner soles, socks
Only to find
An unavoidable
Wet feet river crossing
Within five minutes
Of setting out
The next morning

Clear cold water
Welcome on a hot day
A delight for overheated feet
Muddy water
Rouses concern for
Returning infection

Emptying boots of excess water
Thankful for years of yoga
Making it easy to
Raise boots high enough
To drain
Walking on
Finally the squelching
Diminishes and eventually

After successfully avoiding
Wading for a while
Shoes are taken off
Inner soles squeezed
Socks wrung out
As dry as possible
Feet air dried in the sun
Ongoing conversation
With myself and friends
On the unavoidable of
Getting wet feet
And how nice it is
When they’re dry

Within the next
Five minutes
We are confronted
With unavoidable

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