Lake Coleridge Village (Day 54)

Lake Coleridge Village
Population: 20
No shop
No garage or petrol station
The Lodge
Is closed for business
And does not like
Smelly TA walkers
They lower the tone
Of the establishment

Powerline workers
Give directions and a taste of
What’s to come
“If not sure, ask Janet,
She knows everything”

Arriving at our B & B
Three hours early
And wet
from a few hours of rain
We experience the generosity
And gossip
Of rural NZ

The B & B
A very welcome
And welcoming repose
Beautiful rooms
Fluffy white towels
Crispy clean sheets
A scrumptious meal
Even some wine
As part of the deal

And then we are
Regaled for hours
With stories
The good and the bad,
And the why of both,
About Janet and Hugh
And most of the other
Of this tiny

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