Methven – rest, resupply and preparation (Day 56)

Transport arranged
To start the next
Five day section
After the Rakaia River
Which has changed
From a picturesque
Alluvial blue
Braided river
Into a bank to bank
Muddy grey
Fast moving lake
Showing the reality
Of the track-notes warning
Not to cross
This river
It changes
Very fast
After rain

Sister picked up
From Christchurch
She’s ready
For her adventure
With us

You’d think
We would be
Getting good at this
Business of preparing
For another section
By now
Yet somehow
The final shopping
And repacking
Of supplies
Now for
One added person
Still becomes
A busy mid-night
So we will be ready
For our shuttle
At 7.30 am

Eat your heart out
Jet lag girl!

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