Final words – from the train to Auckland (Day 95)

The travel away
And back again
Is nearly done

Writing and sharing
My poems a way
To savour some of
The essence
Of what walking Te Araroa
Has been like
For me

Thank you for
Being here with me
And sharing
Some of your thoughts
When you did

I enjoyed
Your company

4 thoughts on “Final words – from the train to Auckland (Day 95)

  1. Radhika

    What an achievement in one sense. In another YOU never went anywhere. Just awareness of experiences coming and going.
    Enriching and transformative by the sounds of it. Hope you are Abe to continue the wonderful resonances from the trip for a long time to come. Welcome back ❤️


    1. Dear Radhika, thank you so much for your comment. The first part articulates what I had a sense of but wasn’t able to put words to. In a way the journeying, at the time and looking back, all seemed / seems quite unreal and efemeral. Maybe because it was all so new and absorbing; a quality of experiencing I lose in everyday life, which appears so ‘real’ and ‘solid’! I am very grateful that I have opportunity these two weeks to reflect on the experience as a whole and in its multitude of individual experiences and reflections. I would like to stay in touch with these ‘wonderful resonances for a long time to come’.. 🙂 Thank you!


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