Breakfast tears at Aio Wira

Eating porridge,  muesli and fruit
Memories of the last visit
Flooding in
Supported by Di’s loving presence
And a different way
To see cancer
Starting to be able
To gather
The splattered bits
Of me
Tears start dripping
From the corners
Of my eyes
Running down
My nose
I let them
For this moment
Turning inward
Reliving the fear
The relief
The gratitude
For a centred journey through
To a new life

Until I look up
And see the face of my dear friend,
No longer here,
On the person at the other side
Of the table

Single drips
Turn into a mostly silent
Flood of grief
And sobs
A box of tissues
Miraculously appears
In front of me
Feeling held and supported
By the kind and silent
Presence of the others
Around me

The wave engulfs me
Then washes through
And breaks softly
On the shore
Of here and now
And cleansing
This moment

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