An ordinary Sunday afternoon

Our little family is complete
Once more
The traveller’s slid into the warm bath
Of home
Deep delight writ large on her face

A stop at Piha, to keep jet lag in tow
A few wild rides on the waves, grateful for the surf rescuers on voluntary duty
In the rough and messy sea

The new abode and garden admired with glee and thrill
Then it’s down to business getting the barbie underway

Lighting and tending the charcoal,
Chopping, oiling, chatting
Lounging on the deck
Home-made cider lauded, sipped
Sharing stories

Vegan sausage sizzle white bread
Tomato sauce and charred veggies
The order of the day
Onion-flavoured watermelon slices and
Bliss-balls a fitting finish

The pure joy of
Just hanging out together…
Family, on an ordinary Summer afternoon


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