2020 nearly done

This year..
THIS year
ripping to shreds, then
weaving a new fabric
of everyday life;
familiar structures
of coping
stripped bare
more than
a few times,
hard to recognise
the depths of
in this moment

You remember
once again
the time
has come,
each day
a new beginning,
to open
to make room
for a warm and welcome
for all of life
to share itself
to have a place at the table
of the whole intimately
interconnected and
raw and fierce
divinity of it all

Turning your body
into a warm and welcome
launching and landing pad,
from which to live
and return
to the fullness
of your precious life,
for the benefit of everything,
from the micro-organisms in the soil
to the micro-particles in our communal soul(s)

This year
nearing the end
of its messy
unpredictable life..

Giving thanks
for the wild,

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