Irony of lockdown two

Being and doing well together
in the time of lockdown two..

out of rhythm
with old familiar
patterns of living life
that now
seem to be
ripping us apart at the seams,
in spite of finding ourselves
as a team of 5 million
thrust into an
altogether different
experience of togetherness

previously unappreciated
apparent freedoms
to be who we are / I am
and do what we want / I want,
take an unfamiliar
but familiar turn
(‘cos we know lockdown
by now, right?)
when we are thrown
back on our own
or lack of them,
into our own
sometimes solitary

showing up
where our
seems to be
a myth,
showing up
where and why
this being and doing
well together
seems to be
an urgent call
to slow down,
to show up and listen
to notice with care
to respond with kindness,
and welcome
our family and friends,
our neighbours
our communities
and our planet
to truly
be well
and be the well
for each other

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