Opening your heart
to remembering,
divine love and grace

nature responds
in abundant generosity,
raining down
bubbling up
from all directions

the air you breathe,
a breeze,
the sun’s warmth
kissing your skin
through a patchy clouded
blue sky
trees’ soothing presence,
flowers’ beauty galore,
colours everywhere
a feast for your eyes

the texture of
grass, sand, sea and river,
under your feet
birds’ chitter-chattering,
their wings fluttering,
swishing, swooping or
silently riding
an airstream

and as if that wasn’t enough,
a deep well of stillness
filling your every cell
to overflowing,
magnified by
a touching of gentle souls
at the cow shed..

tasting life in slow motion,
you know
in your bones
grace abounds
all round

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