Day 8 – a day of rest

Zero day

For body and mind

Understood as vital

Even amongst the sustenance

Of simply walking

Why am I still surprised

At how this nourishment


Then slowly seeps

Some more

into all the little


Of my frame

And soul

Craving silence



Creative movement


Even after having fallen into

A comfortable rhythm

Of packing



Eating our simple tramping food



Pitching tents

Setting up home for the night



and more walking,

Soaking up the

Breath-taking beauty of

Blues and greens of the Sounds, of the hills and mountains surrounding us, the trails, tracks, paths, walkways  lined with full flowered flax, white kanuka clouds, beeches, ferns in all shapes and sizes, fresh white daisies and pink foxgloves

Accompanied  by fantails’ excited chirps and dances, bellbirds’ haunting chimes, tuis’ cheeky chortles and swishing wings, an occasional lizard, wood pigeon, even a wild goat familk of four, no six, and the ever present cheeky weka, who stole my sunglasses on day one, we think

The face that looks

Back at me

From the mirror

Is fresh



Vibrant and


With so much fresh air, deep sleep, sunshine, invigorating exercise, and satisfying achievement of simple physical being



This day’s pause

Is a soothing balm

Softening the edges

Of a very different life

Of recent times

9 thoughts on “Day 8 – a day of rest

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks very much for you response… nice to know you are enjoying the blog. All the best for the Milford track for you and Pete! It’s very wet here at the mo so we’ll be using today as a planning day for the next part of the journey, to Nelson, via Pelorus track.


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