Day 10: Road walking

Road waking has its own


A.steady cadence

No need to look at

Where feet touch the ground

Clear      still

early morning air and sky.

With some reverence

and regularity

I step onto the berm

When occasional cars

Pass either or both ways

Heavy trucks carrying milk or oil,

Rumble for a while

then thunder past.

Car tyres hum their own tune,

Giving wide berth

to three solitary walkers

In a close or spread out line.

The zoom of motorbikes

taking the centre line

because they can.

Then ZAP! an insect’s near-collision

with my ear.

The chatter of friends behind me

muffled by distance

gained through different walking pace.

Treasures found and left on the verges

Bottles, plastic wrappers,

a most good-looking spoon

the body only of a tiny

toy police car

a car mat


Other lives

Intersecting with mine

For brief and fleeting



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