Kayaking on Pelorus River

Some butterflies

Announce themselves

About the unknowns

Of white water      what kayak     what partner

I will have

Donning the blue jacket    the life vest

the helmet over my sun hat

In a long line

We carry the


Down to the water

Safety checked

We step aboard

Then we’re off..

Pelorus is up

Full     and


With expert eye and commands

From the  skipper,

Careful listening

And feeling into

The flow of it all

From her mate

We glide

Follow the guide

Aim for the best channel

And rush into

And through

The rapids


Water so clear

And emerald green

Rocks fitting

The fantasy of


My mate reliving

The excitement

Of the film

And her elf

In it.

We return to camp

A few hours later


In so many ways.


6 thoughts on “Kayaking on Pelorus River

  1. Sheryl Madden

    Just loving following your journey Marlies. Your beautiful description of looking in a mirror – I can just imagine your glowing face! Am very conscious of watching the weather map.
    Have just returned from a great weekend at Manna in Coromandel. Bliss!
    Love and blessings. Sheryl


  2. Sheryl Madden

    Hi Marlies – have been following your journey with great interest. Can just imagine you out on that track with your backpack and boots.Loved your description of seeing your radiance in the mirror.
    I’ve just had a most amazing weekend at Mana. Very special.
    what a beautiful record you will have of your trip – all in poetry.
    Continue to go well dear friend


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