Just walking (Day 38)

From Anne Hut we walk
Together again
Sarah and I

Today we are
Just walking
A delight once again
After the last two sections
Of hard work
And intensity

The cool river calls
On this hot and sunny day
Taking a dip
Refreshed, cold and tingling
Bodies emerge from the ripples

Energized by the water
The tall grasses
The mountains,
Sun, cloud formations,
Ancient trees
The company of my friend
And my trusty body
That keeps on keeping on
Just walking

Once more I sit by the river
Legs dangling
Swept by the cold water
As if the stream
Flows right through me
One with the river

2 thoughts on “Just walking (Day 38)

  1. Melissa Evans

    Hi Marlies,
    What a pleasure to read your post first thing on a Friday morning. It reminds me that life is about enjoying the moment. All the best


    1. Thank you Melissa! What a lovely comment. And yes it sure is…. even if the moment is not quite what we might want / like it to be!! 🙂 Hope the semester has got off to a good start for you.


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