Geese at Boyle Flat (Day 39)

At dusk the day before
Five Canadian geese
Announce their presence
On the river below

Running down
To get a glimpse
I see
It’s too far
Too dark
And they’re walking away
To their own nightly abode

Walking early in the morning
We hear them
Honking from a field nearby
We walk on
Hoping to see
More of them

All at once a whole flock
Disturbed by our presence
Takes to the sky
Flying around the valley
Over the hut
Away and back again

Beautiful silhouette
Of flight in unison
In the early morning
Sunbacked light

Briefly coming back
They take off again
Human beings
No invitation
To settle in their own
Peaceful place

Our presence
No longer a threat
Then the others

The valley back
To its own quiet
Apart from he occasional
Of some geese
In a field
At the start
Of another
And hot

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