Once again

Once again
The moment dawns:
There’s no escape.
No way
To distract
To flee, to struggle,
To justify, explain
To soothe or smooth
The dazzling truth
As large as life itself
Just hiding under
a blade of grass
In full view
On the wide open field*

How many more times
Will you need to land
With a thump
As if it was the most
Startling new realisation?

This life is clearly
Not one of a
Social butterfly
Wishing to draw in the
Followers to
Create hyper
Wealth and

This life
Your life is to
Be found
In the earth
in the stardust
Right under and
Part of
Your feet

This life is
What the soft animal
Of your body


*in memory of my childhood best friend, who did and said exactly that in a game of hide and seek (after I had not been able to find her)

**with gratitude and reference to Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild geese”

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