A cloud is back

An ‘unwelcome back’
to a cloud upon waking,
in this topsy-turvy
lockdown time..
but this time you
try to stop seeking explanations, finding reasons,
healing pain.

Give it space
Let it rest, while
it takes you by the hand,
if you are still enough
to notice
that fleeting glimpse,
just caught it
in the bathroom this morning,
just then..
It takes you on a breath
to the place,
to this moment
when you know
the running has to stop,
when answers don’t cut it anymore,
when you know that even looking for answers is
looking in the wrong direction.

This is the time for questions.
Questions taking you all the way
to the place of your deepest
not knowing
Questions taking you to the place
where you know
that you are
From where
  you will know
        the only
               one step
                      you need
                            to take
                                    right now

Welcome back
to this cloud of unknowing


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