Spring afternoon in the garden

A break in the rain,
clouds have parted
sun warming the air
and I’m out the door.

Seed trays checked
making sure
all is well

Seedling box oozing
health and vitality
in the power-house
of home made
potting mix

moving slowly-rotting
logs from here
to there:
a new path edging
ready to share
its multitudes
of microbes
all around
Weeding buttercup
from everywhere,
the mulched moist soil
letting go slowly
but willingly now

Pruning the flowering
buzzing tagasaste
ready for a hot compost
build when the time
is right,
while creating space
and light
for the blueberry bushes
humming in their
new spot

a better home
for the clivias
by the fence
uncovers the miracle
of the living earth..

Body zinging
with joy
as it is touched
by the soul of
soft crumbly
rich dark brown
sweet soil
a year-long
transformative magic
of a no-dig layered

Back to
the easy relaxed
of a spring afternoon
in the garden
alive and
at peace

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