Be love

The other day
when the grief of the world
grabbed you by the throat
crushed your heart
and shredded your gut in anguish
there was only one question:
how do you respond to this?
how can you even be with this?

in the blink
of an eye..

when you knew
you are made of
earth, water, air and fire,

you are made
of stardust,
of clouds, rivers, oceans,
of trees, plants
       and fungi,

that moment
you knew:

all creatures
       legged, winged, finned
                and more
are your brothers and sisters

your mind
       has no boundaries,
your open heart and
your deep
soft belly
are the ground
        of your being

that moment you knew
the answer to your question,
right there:

be love

do whatever
calls you
be love

(revised 22/03/23)

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