Day 20. Fog around Slaty

Fog around Slaty

too risky for setting out

stay warm and cosy

time to write.


Seven to ten             days of



Walking with

20 kg of everything

I need

To survive

On my back

Is a challenge

Knees, feet, iliac  crests

All complain

And the 900 m

Climb has not even


We go up



Tree roots needed

To help bridge the

Distance between

Two steps

At times

         Breath is hard and cold

         Body hot and sweating

         Heart pumping

         Muscles working       working

Energy needs


every 30 minutes, sometimes 10

Leaning into the mountain

Taking care

Paying close attention

To placing every footstep

Aware of a precarious

altered          balance and agility

and risk of

rolling down a steep

mountain side

2 thoughts on “Day 20. Fog around Slaty

  1. What can I say but OMG What a challenge. I went walking yesterday and today. 1st time since my wee honey Chiccoca became sick and passed on. That’s about 9 months. What a struggle and my hill was but a lump. Well done Marlies, great to read your challenges and adventures. Take Care. Sending strength and love. Pxxx


    1. Great to hear you’ve been on your first walk again Pauline. Challenges are totally relative! No benefit in comparing…. thanks for your encouragement though, very welcome. Few more challenges I’ll be writing about when I have some more opportunity xxx


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