Being here now (Any day)

Look and listen
So much to take in
Soak up
Marvel in wonder
And awe

Infinite variety and beauty
In this
Our world

Of mountains near and far
The sky
A river winding its way
Like a ribbon
Through the landscape
Under our feet
Or in the distance below

Of trees
River stones
So much to see

Temptation to look ahead
Is strong

No need to know
Whether we go up
Or round
This hill
Or that mountain
Our feet and the next
Will take us

2 thoughts on “Being here now (Any day)

  1. Nancy Wright

    Marlies Today I followed a guided mindfulness session here at home sitting in my lounge. Trying to be here in the moment & I found it a challenge. The busyness of my mind – so much to do, so many thoughts! So your post for any day spoke powerfully to me. And I am encouraged and grateful. Thank you


  2. Thank you for your openness Nancy…. certainly an ongoing challenge for me too, whether in amazing countryside or in a town for a rest and resupply day, or no doubt when we get back to our everyday life!! 🙂


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