Spooked at Hope Halfway Hut (Day 44)

Just Sarah and I
At Hope Halfway Hut
Some boots
Left behind
A jacket and sleeping bag…
Is someone coming back
To collect them
Or return
To stay the night?

The door does not shut
So a boulder is found
To do the job

I’m woken in the night
By a rattle
And other noises
At the door
And at the outside corner
Of the hut

Someone trying
To get in?
But no voices
No light through
The window
No other sounds
Just another rattle
Every now and again
And shuffling
At the corner outside

I keep as still as possible
Sarah fast asleep
I don’t want to wake her
For fear of
Alerting whoever
Is outside
That someone
Is inside

Finally morning
And the hut
Seems like any other
Once again
With no evidence
Of any unwelcome
Or even unexpected
In the night

Daylight and
Another day’s walk
A welcome

2 thoughts on “Spooked at Hope Halfway Hut (Day 44)

  1. Joop

    Hi Marlies.

    That sounded creepy.. Reality or a trick of the mind..?
    Anyway, have not uploaded ‘whats up’, but can’t wait until I see you in real and have a good catch up and give you a big hug! Have a great Easter in the mountains!
    Having my own mental and sometimes physical challenges and the work related ones. would be nice to experience nirvana instead of samsara…
    Big hugs en liefs!!
    Joop XXX


    1. Ah Joop, good to hear from you! I’m sure it was my mind playing tricks, aided by some possums or even a wild pig or two around the hut that night!! Haha. We will have easter on buses and trains on our way back to Auckland. Starting on Thursday this week and arriving in Akl on Tuesday night next week. Finishing Te Araroa tomorrow!!! Will still update the blog with my experiences as we go and possibly even after I get back. Looking forward to your hug! All the best till then… 🙂


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