Hitchhiking to start of Lake Sumner track (Day 44)

Sarah now a seasoned hitch-hiker
Shares her strategies
For best results

A German traveller
In a campervan
Takes us the first part
Towards our destination

Next lift takes a while
Then Claude,
French Swiss
Very precise,
And his kiwi wife
Stop, but wouldn’t have
If he’d seen
There were two of us
He tells me.

Rearranges their belongings
In the boot and
On the back seat
Then pulls out
A towel,
At least
Only for under our packs,
On the back seat

We’re on our way
To Windy Point
Claude pulls out his
IPad and GPS to learn
Exactly how far it is
To the start of Lake Sumner Track

When arrived
Claude takes out
The packs
In case we damage
The car

With profuse thanks
For their generosity
Our planned
Three day loop
Is under way

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